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Add'l Updates to Tasks
This is a work flow request, but could be implemented as a multi-item task list. On-boarding as an example: Multiple items required by multiple actors. So a "work flow" initiation (for a pre-defined workflow) would establish workflow owner, then owners of all subordinate tasks. It would issue notices/tasks to all responsible, and track status for workflow owner. Subtasks would be pre-defined so only action to inititate a new workflow (e.g. a new onboarding workflow) would be to pick the work flow, assign owner and sub-owners, and possibly start and due dates. System would track progress and alert when something isn't getting done. The workflows or group task lists would be retreat defined, since at this level retreats have their own "high level" processes that implement corp requirements as well as specific retreat requirements. A second level to the current Woven task list could also work. There would be an onboarding task with a bunch of subtasks, each with an owner. Tagging a task in the existing structure as a parent (default) or child task might be enough to implement this. Only really new concept would be a pre-defined "group task" or "workflow task" (one parent with one or more children) so only names and dates need be added. Rationale: We are being asked to conform more ande more to corporate requirements, and Woven appears to be the platform to push most of this out. Disparate files, spreadsheets and tools is hardly ever a good idea. Since we are so Woven-centric this would give us a common point of management for more of what we do - which almost always a good idea IF implemented well. And by the way the amount of new functionalty added to Woven in a relatively short time has been impressive. Always easy to be a critic, but really well-done. From Zendesk Tix 5968
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