Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Report Center Filters
The Report Center has been enhanced with a user-friendly date range picker, streamlining report navigation. This update allows users to easily filter and access data within specified date ranges.
Feature Data Exports
Within a feature, Data Exports now also has the new date range picker.
Example from Location Audit Export:
For Vehicle Type Assets, we've added additional fields for tracking purposes. Those fields are:
In addition, in the Report Center, under Maintenance - Assets, there is a new report available with data on expiring vehicle registrations.
When creating a new Preventative Maintenance Schedule, you now have the option to choose an effective date.
Example: Since my effective date here is 12/1 and my triggered by days is set to 30. The first time this Preventative Maintenance would be Due is on 12/31.
In Account Settings > Security, we've improve the experience of updating Security Role permissions. Specifically, we've added the ability to update a Security Role for features in bulk. When updating permissions in bulk for a Security Role, you'll have three options per feature: 1) No Access, 2) Read-Only, and 3) Full Access.


Incident Feature

Work Order Feature

Location Audit

Submit Work Orders from Location Audits or Incidents

If you're using our maintenance suite of features, we've introduced the ability to submit a Work Order while completing a Location Audit or submitting an Incident.
To do this from an audit, click the "add" button and then click Work Order. Doing that will open the Work Order Submission side panel.
The Work Order number will also be stored in the PDF report for the audit as a note.
On the Work Order's notes, you'll see a message that identifies that the Work Order was created from an audit.
To do this from an Incident, after an Incident has been opened, click the action button and select Submit Work Order.
Once the Work Order has been submitted, you'll see it stored (with a clickable link) on the Incident towards the bottom of the page. In addition, this Work Order will be included in the PDF copy of the Incident.


Team Members


Recognition Exports

Team Member Insights
there is now an export for Recognitions.
This export works the same as the exports in other parts of Woven. You can filter and schedule the export to be automatically generated and sent to you.


Knowledge Center

File Library

File Library Tags

When viewing the File Library, Team Members will now see any tags the original upload included.
When scheduling a Report or Export for email distribution, you can now select from the following options:


Report Center

Work Order Feature


Work Order Parts Usage Report

In the Report Center under Maintenance - Work Orders section, we have a new report available called "Work Orders Part Usage". This report can be downloaded at any time or scheduled to deliver to your inbox on a cadence of your preference.
In the report, you'll find detail on what Work Orders required Parts, which location they were used at, what inventory the Part came from, and more.
Woven's Announcement feature has received a couple of substantial upgrades. Along with some small UI tweaks the big changes are outlined below:
When creating a new Announcement, a new slide out from the right is where you will add the title, date range and choose between
Create Content
Upload PDF
Create Content
will be how Announcements have always worked in Woven.
Upload PDF
will give you the ability to embed a PDF in your Announcement.
After adding the title, date range, and choosing your Announcement type, click on
Add Announcement.
After clicking on
Add Announcement
, you will be taken to your Announcement's General tab. On the General tab you can still update the Announcement's Details.
having been replaced by
Shared With
, but this works the same way. We are choosing which Positions and Teams we are sending the Announcement to.
In the last section on the General tab we can click to
Edit Content
Clicking on
Edit Content
takes you to Woven's improved editor, now with preview on the same screen! Here you can type you Announcement or copy and paste from another editor (Word etc). Additionally, you can attach files from your File Library and switch between creating you own content and just uploading a PDF.
After creating your content you can go back to your Announcement's General tab by clicking the
in the top right corner, or the < in the top left.
Back on the General tab, you will now be able to Publish, Preview, Archive, or Delete the Announcement.
As you begin using Woven's new Announcement feature please reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions!
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