New functionality for bulk retiring Assets
Assets Feature
A new update to Assets within the Woven Maintenance Suite will allow users to save time managing assets with the Bulk Retire feature. Go to Assets > Settings > Bulk Retire to filter for or exclude assets for retiring and click the View Assets button. Once the assets you would like to retire have populated simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Bulk Retire button.
Team Members functionality and UI updates
Woven is happy to announce multiple improvements to Team Members management ranging from visual improvements to usability updates.
Within Team Members, click a team member's name to view Team Member Details. New icons have been added next to the Team Member's name indicating...
  • Employment Status
  • Icon identifying location Key Holders
1 Team_Member_-_Aaliyah_Schultz
From the General tab, scroll to the "General Information" section to view multiple updates to Team Member Details.
  • Users can now view and set Team Member Positions from the "General Information" section.
  • Changes to the Team Member Demographics section including Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, and Ethnicity.
  • Position Requirements (Background Checks, License, Insurance) have been moved from tabs to the "Position Requirements" section for easier navigation. Requirement details, as well as the ability to add items will now display in a slide out.
  • Key Holder status can now be given to team members using a Yes/No selector available in the "Operations Information" section.
2 Position Requirements
Updates to the Access tab, including...
  • Reset Password options now display within a slide out. Click the Reset Password button to display options for triggering a password reset email to the team member.
  • Users can now view application permissions for team members by scrolling to "Sections Team Member Has Access To". Click the expand icon to see whether the team member has Read-Only, Full Access, or no (None). This view is not editable - permissions can be adjusted by Role under Account Settings > Security.
Improvements to the Notes tab...
  • Notes are now searchable
  • Notes will now display in a table format
...and visual updates now displaying data within the Skills tab in a table format.
Contact with any questions.
Require Notes On Undesired Answers in Location Audits
A new setting within Woven Location Audits can now be configured to require submitters include a text note when a location audit question receives an undesired response.
  1. Go to Location Audits > Settings.
  2. Requiring notes functionality can be enabled / disabled by clicking the "Yes/No" toggle next to "Require Notes On Undesired Answers"
New Task Manager for bulk task management
Bulk 3 Task_Manager
The Woven Task Manager now allows users to create and manage tasks in bulk. Go to Tasks and click the Task Manager button to create a task and assign to multiple users by location and position. From here, tasks can be managed at the individual level or be closed, deleted, or reopened in bulk.
Bulk 1 Task_Manager_Add
Bulk 2 Task_Manager_Add
Matrix webhook/email Asset Work Order alerting
Woven can now be configured to send a webhook or email to Matrix when an additional asset is added to a Work Order.
Extended Work Order Access for Vendor users
Extended Work Order access has been implemented for Vendor users within Woven.
New Brand Insights and Workforce Dashboards
Woven is happy to announce the new Brand Insights dashboards. Users now have the ability to see an overview of account, location, workforce, audit, and position information upon logging in to a Woven Brand account.
New Workforce monitoring functionality provides users with additional active, new hire, and turnover tracking, average tenure measurement, and background check, license, and insurance status.
Brand Workforce
Hours Required Before Closing options for Work Orders
Woven Work Order uses now have additional configuration options for allowing Hours Logged to be entered as a requirement before closing a Facility or Asset work order. To enable this functionality go to Work Orders > Settings > Configuration.
New Vendor User Notification Options
Vendor users now have options for suppressing notifications from Woven. Configuration options are available by navigating to Vendors > selecting the vendor, then user in question > and scrolling to the Vendor User Notification Suppression section.
Vendor Users
Supplies Increments and Mobile Redesign
Improvements to the supplies user interface will now provide users with the ability to increase supplies incrementally and enhances the mobile experience.
Supplies Mobile
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